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About Me

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My Story

First and foremost, I am a mom of a gorgeous 8-year old. She was the reason I stayed married at first, and then, finally, she was the reason I left. For the longest time I thought I was ruining her childhood just with the thoughts of divorce. I didn't want her to come from a "broken home", and I was so worried about her wellbeing. Until one day I realized, I never wanted her to have the kind of marriage I was living in. I wanted to set a better example for her. I wanted to be able to show up as a present mother for her in the time that she does spend with me instead of constantly being drained by my marriage. 

And so, here we are... 4+ years into my divorce journey, I am now working as the person I desperately needed when I was trying to leave. I needed someone to be my personal cheerleader, to help me understand the legal system I was now suddenly being thrown into, and to help me navigate the extremely painful co-parenting journey I was embarking on. 

For the past two decades I have worked in the wellness industry as a holistic nutritionist and fitness trainer. My focus was always on helping women and moms have energy to live their best life. And now, after becoming a High Conflict Divorce Coach, Co-Parenting Specialist, and a Domestic Abuse Counselor, I am here to help you have all the energy you need to have to make it through this divorce, to by your hype person, and to be a "third party" to look at your legal and co-parenting battles from a neutral perspective. 

Together we've got this. One baby step at a time! And I promise, in the end it will all be worth it.

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Co-parenting specialist Martina Klotz |

Work Together

Monthly workshops

Every month we cover a different divorce and

co-parenting topic in a

group setting. 

February Workshop: How to divorce a narcissist


Move your body, calm your mind, and move divorce stress out of your body. 

Come and join me on your mat - anytime and anywhere! 


Need support tailored specifically to the divorce you are going through? Book into a one-on-one session with me and I will help you navigate the battlefield (and I'll also remind you to stay hydrated, because drinking more water helps your brain to think more clearly ;-)). 

Not ready to go steady yet?

Check out my monthly Divorce Diaries to get to know me and my work more intimately. 

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