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Safety First!

As a Domestic Abuse Counselor, I am very aware that simply being on my website to gather information about your own case might put you at risk of more abuse. So please browse this section to make sure you are staying safe! 

Mobile Phone

Enable private/incognito browsing mode on your computer or phone. If you're on your computer and in your preferred browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, etc.), click on File and find the private window option. On your phone, look for the tab button in your browser, and you should have the option to add a private window. You may want to look at this website or any other divorce resources on the private browsing mode. 

If you are worried about your spouse monitoring your communication, create a separate, free email account (Gmail or Yahoo), make sure you never save the password on your computer, and log out of every session. 

If you are worried about your spouse tracing your spendings, maybe it would be best if a friend books and pays for a session or workshop with me, so your spouse doesn't know what you are doing. 


If you want to work with me, it can be completely anonymous. You can use an alias when you sign up, and we can be on Zoom Audio so your phone call can't be traced. 

If your safety is at risk, please reach out to your National Domestic Violence Hotline: 

Domestic Abuse Hotlines

Domestic Abuse Hotline |


200+ languages

Domestic abuse hotline  |

1800 737 732

Domestic Abuse Hotline |

0808 2000 247

Domestic Violence Abuse |

Click here for European Hotlines

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