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Co-Parenting During The Holidays

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Co-Parenting during the holidays workshop |

The holidays are supposed to be a season filled with family, friends, joy, and lots of togetherness. And yet, when you are co-parenting, the merry and bright part of this season can quickly turn sour and chaotic.

In my one-on-one work, I always make sure to pay a lot of attention to how holidays are handled in a parenting plan. In this workshop I pull back the curtain on how to make sure you are not setting yourself up for disaster every year with an unhelpful parenting plan. And then we dive deep into how to actually handle the holidays.

Learn how to:
- Split the holidays making it about the kids, not about you.
- Keep old holiday traditions going even with limited custodial time.
- Start new holiday traditions to help your kids feel settled into the new home dynamics.
- Not compensate for how bad you feel about the divorce with the holidays.
- Cope when you don't have the kids for the holidays.
- Deal with your co-parent in a respectful way (even if they are not).
- Know when to say "no" to your co-parent when they keep asking for more and more time during the holidays.
- And so much more!


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