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How To
Divorce A Narcissist

On Demand - Anytime & Anywhere

How to divorce a narcissist workshop |

So you're divorcing a narcissist, and you are already feeling like you're spinning your wheels with this divorce? Maybe friends of yours have separated and gotten their divorce over and done with in the time it took you just to come to the "agreement" to separate? It feels like you are dragging your divorce through gum, so slow, barely getting anything settled.

You are divorcing a narcissist! Someone, who lacks empathy for you, and will try to do whatever it takes to get a win over you - no matter how small it may be. They will try to emotionally manipulate you during your divorce proceedings, especially with subtle actions that most lawyers and judges will not pick up on, but you do! They will guilt-trip you into splitting custody because what kind of mom denies their kids the other parent? And they will control the narrative of you divorce, painting you as a crazy, hysterical bitch who is out to seek revenge (plot twist: what they accuse you of is exactly what they are doing!).

So how do you successfully divorce a narcissist, and move on with your life when you will have to co-parent with this person forever?


You definitely can't sit around a table with lawyers and mediators singing Kumbaya! You need different strategies to get this done.

Come and join me for this workshop to:

  • Create a safety plan for yourself and your kids because your physical safety is the most important during this process.

  • Understand what kind of narcissist you are divorcing and how that impacts you divorce proceedings.

  • Lower your expectations of an amicable divorce and fire proof yourself for the battlefield you will be stepping on to.

  • Figure out what to tell your lawyers so they understand who and what you are dealing with (without using the term "narcissist" that everybody throws around these days).

  • Set important boundaries with your ex to protect your own mental health and that of your kids.

  • Put together a kick-ass divorce team that helps you through this because it takes a team to divorce a narcissist.

  • Learn about the ways a narcissist will hide assets, manipulate the proceedings, and get the court to do what they want - and then proof yourself against that (including claims of parental alienation!).
    And so much more!

Come and join the 90 minute workshop followed by a 30 minute Q&A.

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