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Divorce is a lonely road.

Let's walk it together.
You don't have to do this alone!
Martina Klotz -

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Co-parenting with a narcissist - Master your communication

So you've made the decision to get divorced... 

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Or maybe you were blindsided and served papers at your kids' school (true story!). 

Now what???

Now you have no idea where to start, what to do, and are fearful of losing your kids or ruining their childhood. 

Well... you've got the divorce and I've got the tools! 

Let me help you navigate the battlefield of divorce, help you come up with a divorce strategy to save your sanity (and some $$$), and guide you into a co-parenting relationship (that may be one-sided but whatever!) so your kids do not have to recover from their childhood for the rest of their lives. 

Blurry Yellow Flowers

"I am 5 years into my divorce journey, and I wish I had found Martina earlier. It would have saved me from so many sleepless nights and too many frantic phone calls to my lawyer (that I paid dearly for!). I now see Martina every month to help me with my mindset around my divorce, my strategy when going to court, and how I show up for my kids."


The 3 pillars of my work:

This is your one-stop shop to help you figure out your divorce on a strategic, emotional, and parenting level. As a divorce and co-parenting coach,

I divide my work into 3 pillars:


Divorce Strategy

If you believe movies, TV shows, and your friends, you should be fighting for everything in your divorce. That is absolutely not true - and in some cases even detrimental to your kids and your parenting journey as well as your own mental health. So let's come up with a strategy together to so you can keep your sanity during this crazy process and beyond. Get to know your local court system, understand all the legal hoops you have to jump through, and set yourself up to thrive after your divorce. 

Walking in Fields

Co-parenting Support

When your kids were born, you never believed that you would end up at their first day of school standing next to your ex not feeling like one big happy family. All those nights with crying kids you wished you would have a night to yourself - well now maybe you have half of the week to yourself and you don't even know how to live without them. Let's change your mindset around co-parenting, let's help you figure out how to do this while inflicting the least amount of pain onto your kids, and help you communicate better with your ex. 

Soap and Towel

Self-Care to Recharge

Divorce is an ultramarathon. You wouldn't try to run one without slow, continuous training, and taking care of yourself. Often the signing of divorce papers isn't the end of your divorce journey. If you have kids with your ex, you will continue to parent with that person for the rest of your life - here we come graduations, baseball games, and weddings... argh!!! And if you are not exactly besties with your ex, that can be an extremely draining relationship in your life that you will want your body and mind to recover from. Hello self-care! 

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Tips for better communication with your co-parent

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